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Let author, illustrator, motivational and inspirational performer, and recording artist, and life-long seeker of universal spiritual truth, Michael D. Purvis, take you on a wonderful journey… in which he shares with you insightful, simple, love-based strategies for quickly and easily manifesting more happiness, love and abundance of all good things- for yourself and for your world!

Learn about how to do this through focusing on topics such as:
your past, balance, asking for what you need, change, prayer/meditation, silence, connection, study, intentions, prayers, dreams, the universe as a mirror, those you have trouble with, attachment, reaction, peace, God's Love, time, asking carefully, negative thoughts, safety and stability, the power of the spoken word, the power of "I am ….", visualization, soulmates, partners, spouses, career, manifesting, noise and distractions, the sacredness of the every day, watching and listening, fear and anxiety, inner guidance, love and healing, fear, evil, human evolution, Near-Death Experiences (NDE), changing our inner/outer world, transformation, and abundance in many areas.

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40 Ways to Be Happier, More Filled with Love, and More Abundantly Blessed!

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