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Helpful Spiritual Tools to Help You Call Forth
Your Highest Good

Volume 3
Prayers for Manifesting your Highest Good

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Contents of Volume 3:


Body of the Book

Original Introductory Music

Prayer Defined

Let us Compare Prayer to other Tools we discuss in our Series:

Prayer Compared to Mandalas:
Though Creating a Mandala is Similar to Creating a Prayer, and One can Pray with a Mandala- A Mandala often Includes or even Focuses on Pictorial Elements such as a God Symbol and Artwork)

Prayer Compared to Affirmations:
Though Creating an Affirmation is Similar to Creating a Prayer, and One can Pray with an Affirmation- In an Affirmation we Often Address our Higher or Inner Self/God/the Universe, whereas in the West, the Traditional View of Prayer has been One of Supplication to a Separate God. But are There Ways of Praying in a Manner which Manifests our Highest Good? We'll Discuss this a few Pages Ahead!

Prayer Compared to New Thoughts:
Though Paying Attention to our New thoughts is Certainly in the Realm of Listening to God, which is an Important Catalyst for Prayer, Let us Think of New Thoughts as Raw Material for any of the other Spiritual Tools in our series: Which Include Mandalas, Affirmations, and Prayer.

Other Important Considerations in Regards to the Spiritual Tool of Prayer:
About the Importance and Usefulness of Prayer.

How to Pray with the Goal of…
Manifesting our Highest Good, the Greatest Good for our World and those we Love.

About the Importance of Language

Thanking God in each Prayer

Singing or Saying our Prayers out Loud

Become that Thing you are Asking for:
A Selection from the Companion Keepsake Series by Michael D. Purvis which Illustrates this Idea, Plus Further Elucidations on this theme of "becoming" that thing we are asking for:

How to Pray?
Let us not Quibble over Eastern Non-Separation and Western Dualism! The Important Thing is to Pray as We Feel Most Comfortable, but Let us Consider Some New Language which is Especially Powerful for Manifesting.

An Original Musical Interlude

Prayers for Healing*

An Original Musical Interlude

Poem Prayers*

An Original Musical Interlude

Helping you to Write your own Prayers on a Regular Basis:
Doing Exercises and Creating prayers…

· Reflecting what is going on in the world usually in this calendar month
· Reflecting what is going on in the world during each particular month
· Reflecting what is going on in your life,
or the lives of those around you during each particular month

Original Closing Music

A Listing of Books and Recordings Published by Music-Outreach Publishing

*I present to you many of my own personal mandalas, and adaptations based upon them. You will see some repetition of themes and words, since these samples (or the original mandalas I have based many of the samples upon) were created as I steadily worked toward some personal goals. Please let these examples serve as a guide for you to create your own mandalas, which will help you manifest your own dreams, as you work toward your own spiritual and temporal goals.

Excerpt from Book:

What is God Really Like?

How shall we attempt to BE in God's Presence?

Dear reader, let us not quibble over eastern "non-separation" and western dualism! The important thing is to pray as we feel most comfortable! What you read and what you see in this book, you will want to adapt to fit where you are in your spirituality. If you pick this book up again ten years from now, you may adapt what you see and read yet again.

We grow.

Our spirituality grows.

This is the nature of life. Let us allow ourselves (and others) to be where we are on our journeys.

It is my hope that what you encounter in the remainder of this book will serve as an inspiration to help you create prayers which fit you, your heart, mind, spirit, spiritual path and current outlook. I present them as a catalyst for enhancing your life of prayer.

Prayers for Healing

The following are examples of the sorts of prayers provided in this volume. They are intended to be for your personal use during prayer or meditation time. Should you find they fit your needs in their present form, please utilize them with my blessing! Or, adapt them or use them as a pattern to write your own prayers which may better fit and serve your needs.

May these prayers be a blessing to you dear reader!

-The author

Prayer for Personal Healing

I am, I thank, I accept personal healing:
I exist in perfect health of body, mind and spirit.

My nerves are calm at all times.

I am calm, unhurried at all times.

I am unworried.

My spirit, mind and body are
untroubled by doubt, fear, judgment,
fear of judgment, fear of unsafety, fear of loss.

I release, I replace fear and uncertainty
with trust, love, openness, confidence, surety of guidedness.

is in perfect health.

I am able to sleep.

I get plenty of rest.

I feel rested and calm at all times.

I trust all my needs are met.

I let all unfold at the pace God, my guides, my higher self determines -
I do what I can, maintaining balance in my life, body, mind and spirit.
I am open to miracles
and open to learning to see miracles a part of the everyday!

(for I am one with God, and for God miracles are the everyday!)

Thank You, God!


Prayer for the Healing of the World

I affirm, I accept for the world:






Letting Go of "There is not enough" mentality

Environmental respect and care

Working together to care for all people, animals, eco-systems.

Open hearts and minds.






Responsibility for what we create (art, business, neighborhoods, cities)

Knowing and living out our spiritual contract we made before we were here

Loving and caring for each other

Thank You, God!


Prayer for Physical Healing

I ask, I allow, I thank…

I am healed, I now receive:

God's healing and abundant health
Healing in my body, mind and spirit

I release:
Tiredness/Need for a lot of sleep
Nerves/Being easily upset
These health issues:
skin irritations
Bones aching (shoulders, neck, back, etc.)
Worry over what others think of myself
Worry everything will fall apart
Worry I might get or am sick
Worry I might die
Worry over punishment after death
Disconnectedness to God
Lack of schedule, which provides enough rest, peace, time for creating, time in nature,

I receive healing for all the above

I joyfully receive, right now:
Time at home, time for prayer, study and reading

Thank You, God!


Prayer for the Healing of Our Life

I open to receive:

A peaceful, love filled, nourished life

love, connection, intimacy, family, friends, rest, rejuvenation, play, creativity

Peace of mind, heart, soul and body

Abundance and increased flow

Time for me
(for rest, joy-filled experience with my partner, for prayer, reading, and play!)

Thank You, God!
Prayer to Place in One's Vehicle

I ask

I allow

I open to receive…
Right now, I am ready for a perfect ordered transition to this new mode of life and work.

Thank you, God :) !!!

©2003, Michael D. Purvis



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