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Helpful Spiritual Tools to Help You Call Forth
Your Highest Good

Available Soon in Downloadable Video Format

The Book format shows a variety of examples of spiritual tools which may be used or adapted by the reader. Recorded formats feature spoken text, plus examples of spiritual tools read aloud.
In this series, Michael shares powerful tools and information he has learned on his journey as a seeker of universal spiritual truth. Volume one focuses on mandalas and on new ways to adapt them for use in manifesting our dreams and love-based desires. Volume two covers affirmations and how helpful they can be in manifesting our dreams and desires. Volume three is on the power of prayer, specifically prayer with the aim of manifesting positive change. Volume four is on the importance of being open to new thoughts and ideas, since they can help us reach our spiritual and temporal goals.

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Volume 1
Mandalas for Manifesting Your Highest Good

Volume 2
Affirmations for Manifesting Your Highest Good

Volume 3
Prayers for Manifesting Your Highest Good

Volume 4
New Thoughts for Manifesting Your Highest Good

Words and Music For Manifesting Series

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Compact Disc
$12.45 each or $29.95 for All

Volume 1 - 4 Available Now in 2 CD sets for the price of one!

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Abridged Version/Overview
of All Four Volumes on

One VHS Cassette



All 4 Books & All 4 CDs $47.95


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