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Michael is...
an unusually gifted, uplifting musician which elders who are bed-bound, sick, depressed or lonely will enjoy hearing and meeting!

Cheer up & heal the hearts of your Elderly Parents, Grandparents, loved ones, or friends with a 15 minute musical and conversation session with Michael by phone, featuring songs, hymns and
requests which uplift and cheer the elderly!

How long has Michael been working with elders, and in what settings?...
Michael has worked with the elderly for a decade now, giving over 6000 uplifting musical programs for elders in all settings, including: nursing homes, Alzheimer's units, adult daycare, assisted living and independent living facilities.

What instruments does Michael Play, and what about his voice?...
In his programs, live room visits and Cheergrams for elders, Michael sings with a beautiful baritone voice, and plays piano, guitar, banjo and three different recorders (flutes).

For Cheergrams and Live Room visits, Michael usually uses guitar, which lends itself best to this sort of work.

Will the elders Michael does a Cheergram for know the songs he sings?...
You bet! Michael has been working with elders and knows just what songs the elderly know and love. He occasionally performs a new song for them, but mostly, he performs the songs they delight in and remember.

Elderly folks often tell Michael...
that the songs he performs are the ones which they remember singing together with their families. They say things like, "My Mom and I used to scrub the floor and do the dishes while singing those songs," or "My dad used to whistle those songs."


with Michael

Fifteen Minute Musical and Conversation with Michael
by Phone or Speaker Phone

$14.95 one time
a month
(For four sessions, one a week)

To Schedule a
Musical CheerGram
for Your Loved One
Contact Michael

By Email

Will "hard to reach" elders enjoy Michael's Cheergrams?...
You will see elders who don't normally respond respond beautifully!

What is unique about Michael's Cheergrams?...
Michael is more than just a musician... Michael uplifts hearts minds and spirits! He works hard at developing a relationship with elders and endeavors to "reach them" with each Cheergram. Michael's manner is gentle, and he endeavors to keep the attention of elders during each Cheergram, and helps them to remember, sing and smile.

What is the format for Michael's Cheergrams?...
Michael will speak with your elderly resident, friend or loved one, asking about them, encouraging them, finding out what sort of music they wish to hear, and then playing this music for them beautifully.

What do Cheergrams do best?...
They touch hearts. Smiles and healing tears from elders (and even visitors) will be in evidence!

Michael's professional background
and training...

Michael D. Purvis is a graduate of Jordan College of Fine Arts, and was trained in classical, opera, popular, and Broadway music at Butler University, known as the "Harvard of the Midwest."

How did Michael first start learning about music and the arts?...
Michael's father was an English teacher and his mother a reading specialist. Both parents were intensely interested in literature and the arts. Michael was taught to read at the age of three, encouraged to read and write a great deal throughout his childhood, given many lessons in the arts, and was involved in plays and musicals throughout his youth. Michael's father, a teacher, writer, poet, actor, director and theater judge, took him to see many plays and musicals, giving him an unusual early education in artistic excellence.

At the age of five...
Michael's parents noticed he could play by ear on the piano, and it was then that Michael began taking guitar lessons. After a short while his teacher announced he had taught Michael all he had to teach, and asked if he was a "prodigy." From there, Michael had private lessons in classical guitar, popular guitar, piano, painting, dance, singing, saxophone... and indeed picked up all rather quickly.

Since his youth...
Michael has grown steadily in exposure to music and the arts. He has learned to sing beautifully and plays many instruments. After going to university, Michael taught in public school and private lesson settings for nearly a decade in a variety of subjects, including: theater, choral music, private piano, voice and guitar lessons, and general music.

Michael then decided to begin serving a different population,
the elderly...

with music and words of inspiration. This allowed him to combine his talents as a writer, singer, instrumentalist, poet and inspirational speaker/performer. He loves working with this age group and has found a wonderful niche for his talents.


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