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What exactly is Creative Cocoon?...
Creative Cocoon is a bookshop and arts and crafts studio which does just what its subtitle suggests. It truly is a place where "human butterflies" (i.e.,- those of us who would like a little transformation in our lives) can blossom and bloom! Just as the butterfly emerges from its cocoon as a beautiful, colorful creature, so can we- if we take the time to seek a little creativity and self-expression in our lives.

What can I Do and Learn at Creative Cocoon, and Why is the Cocoon Unique?...
Creative Cocoon is an arts and crafts studio in Indianapolis, Indiana which helps children, adults, and seniors learn basic, beginning skills in many different arts and crafts. While visiting the studio, students of all ages have the opportunity, free of charge, to see and try many different arts and crafts. They can also put together a "creative bag." Being able to see and try out so many different creative endeavors in one place, free of charge, is what is truly unique and wonderful about Creative Cocoon!

What is a "Creative Bag"?...
This is a canvas bag which will contain materials, supplies, and instruction books to help visitors or students pursue the arts and crafts they have always dreamed of enjoying, but never had the opportunity to experience before in their lives. The supplies which will fill the "creative bag" may be obtained at reasonable cost at Creative Cocoon.

What Sort of Instruction can I receive at Creative Cocoon and is There a Fee for this Instruction?...
As for instruction, visitors to the studio can receive help in selecting which arts and crafts to pursue. After that, students may receive affordable, weekly lessons in the arts or crafts of their choice (at $18.00 a lesson, with sliding scale available for those with special financial situations). And of course they may choose more than one art or craft, creating a "lesson" each week that is quite versatile and flexible.

If I choose weekly lesson at Creative Cocoon, who will be my teacher and what is his background?...
Patient teacher and proprietor, Michael Purvis, provides these lessons, and brings to them his wide experience in education, which includes
sharing his own artistic ability as a fine artist and illustrator of books, a degree in education from Butler University, lessons in painting and drawing, Masters work in art through Indiana University, plus 20 years teaching experience to people ages 5-100 in many aspects of the arts. After studying with Michael, Creative Cocoon students can go on to more advanced studies, or simply take their "creative bag" with them wherever they go- so that in their spare time, wherever they might be, they can do some creating!

Things Creative Cocoon Visitors Can Study and Add to their "Creative Bag"...

sewing pillows and cloth bags
illustrating books
writing fiction and nonfiction
self publishing books
recording at home


Wonderful, uplifiting books and recordings available at the
Creative Cocoon

A Comprehensive Art, Craft and Creativity Enhancement Series…
Creative Journeys
with Michael!

A Journal and Home Study Course Series
which Helps you to
Achieve Transformation, Happiness and Fulfillment
through Creativity,
Art and Craft

Volume 1:
Knitting and Crochet

Volume 2:
Weaving and Basket Weaving

Volume 3:
Crewel, Needlepoint and Applique

Volume 4:
Sketching, Pen & Ink, Calligraphy

Volume 5:
Watercolor Painting,
Statue Painting

Volume 6:
Sewing:Making Pillows,
Cloth Bags, Bookmarks

Volume 7:
Poetry and Journaling

Volume 8:
Illustrating your Own Books

Volume 9:
Writing Fiction & Non-fictionfor Conventional Publishing

Volume 10:
Self-publishing your Own Books and Music:Writing, Recording, Publishing, Distributing from Home

Volume 11:
Scrapbooks and Albums: Chronicling our Personal
and Family History

Volume 12:
Collections and Home Decoration


Creative Cocoon is also a bookstore!...
When visitors and students come for arts and craft instruction, or to put together their "creative bag," they can also see and purchase wonderful, uplifting books, CDs and videos for all ages from Music-Outreach Publishing. In addition to being available at Creative Cocoon, these materials are available world wide on the web through:
(Books and media for the elderly)
(Uplifting Books and Media for all ages)
(Homestudy Courses in Music, Life Coaching and Spirituality)

What else can be experienced at Creative Cocoon?...

Piano, Voice, Guitar, and Music Composition lessons are also available in the studio adjacent to Creative Cocoon, as well as Life coaching and Spiritual Counseling. See these buttons on the toolbar of to find out about these additional offerings!

About the Author...
Michael D. Purvis, BME, is a graduate of Butler University and is the founder of three outreaches, a recording studio and a publishing company. A life-long student and seeker of truth, Mr. Purvis is an accomplished author, fine artist, recording artist, and teacher of many subjects to people of all ages, from childhood through elderhood. His artistic, instructional and entrepreneurial endeavors include: life-coaching, teaching private piano, voice and guitar, performing uplifting programs for the elderly, composing, recording, writing and illustrating. His wide and ever-evolving selection of books and recordings delight, uplift and instruct people of all ages, and feature his original self-help and musical instruction, fiction, poetry, musical renditions and compositions, and artwork. Michael's materials are available worldwide, through Music-Outreach Publishing and can be obtained via,, and

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