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Would you like to know why "doing your spiritual work" is so important to you as a human being, no matter what love-based spiritual path you may be on?

Now you can with...

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Through Spiritual Counseling,
You can accomplish great improvements
in your life in the areas of :

*Peace of Mind


*Personal Fulfillment

...and other areas, too!

Let Michael help you get in touch with Spirit,
and understand how aligning yourself with
Love can change your life! :)

So What Exactly is Spiritual Counseling, Anyway?!?

Why Spiritual Counseling?

So why spiritual counseling, you may be asking yourself?

Well, it's very simple. Most of us know down in our hearts that paying attention to our "spirits" is a very good idea. We know that we feel better when we do so. For some of us that might mean going to church or worshipping in some form. For others that might mean praying or meditating, or simply taking better care of our bodies, minds, hearts and souls- or, all of these.

We know when we finally get the 'umph' to do this, how much better we feel…

We know how much more connected to ourselves, God, our self and our loved ones we feel. We know that we somehow feel more "in tune."

So why is it that so many of us seem unable to create, discover, or stick with any sort of significant spiritual practice, or even to consistently look at ourselves and our world with spiritual eyes?

Keeping this question in mind, why not seek some counseling to help us learn to discover, embrace and stick with a spiritual practice, a life immersed in spirit which is right for us?

Further, if we were to understand that doing our "spiritual work first," is the key to success, happiness and fulfillment of all kinds in our lives, surely we would not fail to do this spiritual work! And, we would not hesitate to take the time to undertake a journey which would help us to learn to do the daily, weekly and monthly spiritual work or practice that is just right for us.

Two Easy and Affordable Options to Choose From!

Spiritual Counseling

in individual, weekly and monthly formats

Spiritual Counseling
Home Study

Books, Recordings
and Videos for private
home study

to find the one that's right for YOU!

Why not take a little time to process the "stuff" inside us which needs to be processed, to heal what needs to be healed, to transform what needs to be transformed, and to solve the problems in our lives which need to be solved? Why not do this in the only truly effective, meaningful and lasting way- through spirit!

For when we move toward these things on the wings of our spirit, and are connected to God as we perceive of God, then we will be moving through our life's journey with truth and love and all manner of good things, yes?

Spiritual counseling gives us a human friend to dialogue with, to pray and/or meditate with, and someone who can help us set goals. It even provides the opportunity to design a new life for yourself where you take time for spirit, and open the door for spirit to help you process, heal, transform, and solve all sorts of problems which up till now have seemed unsolvable.

So why have so many of our problems up till now seemed

Well, that's and interesting question. They have been unsolvable to a great extent because we don't know how to clear all the "gunk" (like fear and worry for example) out of us, and let spirit work its miracles. These miracles can become everyday occurrences for us, if we only put ourselves in touch with Spirit, and thus allow it to begin to work in our lives!

Ok, got the "miracles can become everyday" part (and that's a big new concept!), but did you say "design a new life?"

Yes! Why not! Why not take a huge leap and make time for all the things your body, mind and spirit needs? Why not design a life which gives us the time we need to rest, heal, pray, meditate, listen, commune, play, recharge, get focused, achieve clarity, and release ambivalence? Why not design a life filled with spirit, a life which will be a constant joy and wonder to behold.

And it will be a wonder to behold…

For when we begin to put our spiritual work first in our lives, amazing and wondrous things begin to happen, for we have rooted ourselves, our dreams and hopes firmly in love. We naturally put ourselves in line and in tune with God, the universe and our souls. Our destinies and dreams of our highest good can then begin to manifest in our lives.

What is Spiritual Counseling by Michael?
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Who is Micheal, and how did he come
to offer Spiritual Counseling?
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About the Author...
Michael D. Purvis, BME, is a graduate of Butler University and is the founder of three outreaches, a recording studio and a publishing company. A life-long student and seeker of truth, Mr. Purvis is an accomplished author, fine artist, recording artist, and teacher of many subjects to people of all ages, from childhood through elderhood. His artistic, instructional and entrepreneurial endeavors include: life-coaching, teaching private piano, voice and guitar, performing uplifting programs for the elderly, composing, recording, writing and illustrating. His wide and ever-evolving selection of books and recordings delight, uplift and instruct people of all ages, and feature his original self-help and musical instruction, fiction, poetry, musical renditions and compositions, and artwork. Michael's materials are available worldwide, through Music-Outreach Publishing and can be obtained via,, and


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