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Inspirational Performer, Author,
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Michael D. Purvis, BME

About Michael...

Michael D. Purvis, BME...
is a graduate of Butler University and is the founder of three outreaches, a recording studio and a publishing company. A voracious reader, prolific creator, and life-long seeker of truth, Mr. Purvis is an accomplished author, fine artist, recording artist, and teacher of many subjects to people of all ages, from childhood through elderhood.

His artistic, instructional and entrepreneurial endeavors include...
life-coaching, teaching private piano, voice and guitar, performing uplifting programs for the elderly, composing, recording, writing and illustrating.

His wide and ever-evolving selection of books and recordings...
delight, uplift and instruct people of all ages, and feature his original self-help and musical instruction, fiction, poetry, musical renditions and compositions, and artwork.

Michael's materials are available worldwide...
through Music-Outreach Publishing and can be obtained via,, and

About Michael's Training...
How is he a Unique and Expert Author, Teacher and Performer?

Michael is a graduate of Jordan College of Fine Arts, has done masters work in music, literature and fine arts at Butler University, and is a lifetime seeker of truth and wisdom. He has taught general and choral music, poetry, theater, arts implementation, and has developed fine arts curricula for people ages 5 to 100. Michael's lifetime of study, his large body of literary, musical and artistic creations, and his extensive teaching of a variety of subjects to people of all ages make him a unique, expert, and unusually well-rounded teacher, performer and life-coach!

About Michael and
Michael Can Help You-
With Live Lessons, Sessions or Home-study Instruction!

Through PlaySingNDream and Music-Outreach Publishing...
Michael offers live performances, live lessons and sessions, and excellent, affordable home-study books, recordings and videos.

Do you want to learn how to Play an instrument,
to Sing, or Change your life?...

Whether you choose live or homestudy instruction in these areas, Michael can help you pursue things you have always wanted to study, yet due to finances, time, or schedule have not been able to learn.

Or maybe you want Michael to uplift beloved elders...
Do you have a special older person or group of elders that you'd like Michael to uplift with his music and encouraging words? Michael can do that for you too!

Think you are too Busy to take advantage of PlaySingNDream?...
Michael's live lessons, sessions and homestudy offerings are designed for busy, modern people. Michael is a patient, flexible teacher and performer!

Michael Offers
(through live lessons, sessions and homestudy materials)...

*Piano, voice, guitar instruction for all ages
*Life-coaching for adults
*Upliftment of the elderly

Look for wonderful free offers within this site which help readers and viewers affordably utilize these materials.

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A letter from Michael as Teacher

A letter from Michael as Life Coach

Visit Michael's other sites and blogs...
and discover all he has to offer to you
and to those you love!

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