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So What Exactly is Life Coaching, Anyway?!?

What "Life Coaching with Michael" is and is not... What to Expect from this Wonderful Experience

Life Coaching is not counseling...
though we may discuss elements in your life which a counselor might discuss with you. Of course, as in counseling, you are assured of complete confidentiality. Whatever you might disclose to Michael, stays with Michael.

The goal of life coaching, as offered
by Michael is...

to help make you aware of, and guide you in the use of some wonderful tools and strategies whereby you are empowered to make new decisions and enact changes which will help you enhance your life. It is all about getting in touch with the power within you to change your life for the better. It is also about linking up with the power of God, (however you perceive of God!), and learning to co-create with that wonderful, loving power.

Michael believes that you will be
pleased and delightfully surprised...

at the potential within you and within the universe for positive change! However, all the decisions you make in your life, and any changes you make will be your decisions, even if you might feel you have based them upon life coaching.

Remember, despite the power of life coaching and the new strategies and tools Michael wants to teach you about, it is still a world with a modicum of chance and randomness....

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Life Coaching

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Life Coaching
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Sometimes the answer from the universe/God to our choices, prayers, decisions might be "no" or "you need a little nudge in another direction" (and this might not be what we were hoping for). So please remember that you alone are responsible for your decisions and actions, and that life coaching by Michael will not be held responsible for any choices you make. Of course, that's good news, because it puts you, and no one else, in charge of your destinty! That is good indeed!

What if we are afraid ?...
Many of us might be afraid to try something like life coaching. We might say to ourselves: "What if I try life Coaching and things don't turn out as I am hoping?"...
Well, having a life coach, or knowing the strategies a life coach can teach you can really help when sometimes we don't get the response to all our work on our lives and ourselves which we hoped for. Life Coaching can help you learn what to do next when this happens.

The above statement had to be made clear, but do not let this discourage you, rather let it encourage you!...
The question is, do you have the courage and the pluck to make the life you dream of? Yes, some decisions or changes you might make in your life after engaging in life coaching might not turn out to be exactly what you expect- this is the nature of life!
That's why they say, "be careful what you pray for," yes? Notwithstanding, if you can find the tenacity, the creativity, and get in touch with you inner dreamer you'll be surprised what you can accomplish!

Life, and life coaching is a process, and it takes time, but the results are worth far more than gold!

Are you ready to take the ride of your life, or better yet make that ride be just what you dream of?...
You can do it, if you have the patience, desire and sincerity to make something wonderful of your life! Michael would like to help you. :)

Would you like to know a bit more
about Michael, your new Life Coach?

If you would like to know more about Michael, his credentials and motivations for conducting life coaching, please click here! :)

"What is a Life Coach?"
Michael D. Purvis

Sometimes people think a life coach is like a therapist.
Well, a life coach is a bit like a therapist, except a coach does not deal so much with emotional issues (though these may be touched upon, and sometimes tears come in a session). A life coach, as I practice, helps one to get clear about where they want to go, begin to set goals and then implement those goals.

Coaching is not medical advice.
A life coach is a friend for the journey, who is good at helping one to eventually become one's own coach. Sometimes someone is just kind of "stuck" and a coach encourages, clarifies and helps one see that they really already know deep down inside...

  • What is bothering them

  • What obstacles are in the way

  • What sort of new outlooks would be helpful

  • What needs to be "let go of"

  • What would be some good goals to set

  • How to go about meeting some new goals

  • How to design a "new life" or "new schedule" or "new career"

  • What would be some new things to try which might help one find self-fulfillment

  • etc... etc... etc...

We do know all these things deep down inside, but we often sort of need "permission" and someone with a good ear and discerning eye to help us unearth them.

If you, dear readers need the assistance of a coach (or a therapist for that matter), I encourage you to seek their assistance.
It is not a sign of weakness to seek help, as some of the "old paradigm" might insist, but rather a sign that you are growing and changing, and are very courageous. It takes courage, vision, self-awareness, and sometimes just plain "umph" to learn about ourselves, to clarify, to decide why we came here to earth, and to determine what we came here to earth to do. It is commendable.

Seek you own "inner coach"...
and if you need a little help to find him or her, a life coach may be just the ticket to get you motivated and to help you have another perspective. A coach can provide that listening ear and wise counsel which helps you ultimately to become your own best friend and highest vision of yourself.

No matter what...
you are perfect, innocent, lovely and powerful under all the dross... truly you are. See others this way too, and watch what begins to happen in your life!

Peace, blessings and all manner of good things are in you, around you and coming to you, now and always...
I affirm this for you- right now!

-Michael :)

About the Author...
Michael D. Purvis, BME, is a graduate of Butler University and is the founder of three outreaches, a recording studio and a publishing company. A life-long student and seeker of truth, Mr. Purvis is an accomplished author, fine artist, recording artist, and teacher of many subjects to people of all ages, from childhood through elderhood. His artistic, instructional and entrepreneurial endeavors include: life-coaching, teaching private piano, voice and guitar, performing uplifting programs for the elderly, composing, recording, writing and illustrating. His wide and ever-evolving selection of books and recordings delight, uplift and instruct people of all ages, and feature his original self-help and musical instruction, fiction, poetry, musical renditions and compositions, and artwork. Michael's materials are available worldwide, through Music-Outreach Publishing and can be obtained via,, and


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